Customer Service

Beyond “have a good day.” At Kenver Ltd. we know “can I help you?” isn’t all there is to customer service. Our service is legendary because we believe service is a verb.

If you buy something from us and it doesn’t meet your, expectations, return it! • If you buy a holiday gift in October and find out in December that it doesn’t fit, we go beyond offering store credit, we’ll give you an exchange or a refund. • If your skis are in our workshop for a tune-up on Friday night, and you’re going skiing early Saturday morning, we’ll get them to you. • If a child’s boot is fitted and purchased pre-season, and by January the boot is too small, we’ll give her a larger size and adjust her binding at no charge. Whatever it takes to enhance your experience with us, we’ll do it. Shop with complete confidence. Because peace of mind means at least as much as the best deal.

Bonus! In store—complimentary apples, cider, and coffee!

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