Our Team

We are Kenver!

There are many things that make Kenver a special experience, but none more so then the staff. Drawn together by interests in the outdoors, fashion, gear and fun, our staff really knows their stuff.


Team Members:



Lucinda Vermeulen, Owner & CEO

As a skier and outdoors woman from early on, Lucinda shares the passion of nature and the Berkshires.  The Vermeulen family originally founded Kenver in the 1950″s and she has carried on it’s heritage for the last 33 years.  The team of people we have assembled are hard core outdoors folks with great people skills and a committiment to customer service beyond expectation.



Aaron Malin, Vice President & General Manager

Aaron started at Kenver in 2003 and in 2010 became Kenver’s General Manager. Aaron is deeply committed to the Kenver legacy and works tirelessly to curate the best posssible products season after season.  He is an ace skier, tennis player, bike rider, photographer and techy.  He is the leader of a great team of people , committed to customer satisfaction and friendly ambiance along with profound product knowledge in all areas of the store.



Diana Vollmer, Apparel and sales








Nancy Duryee-Aas, Apparel and sales

Nancy started at Kenver in 2009. Her dislike of the cold makes her the person to ask about layering and material tips. Even though she can escape to Florida, she loves working at Kenver with her supportive colleagues, interesting and diverse clientele and owner Lucinda, who in her opinion, is the most gifted and respected retailer in the snow sports industry. When not getting to know you, she is with her family, reading, playing tennis or golf or on a long walk.



Felicia Laroche, Apparel and sales

Felicia is an avid skier, gardener, and adventurer.



Peter Craft, Boot Doc.


Peter Meadow, Sales



Jonas Malicky, Workshop and Sales




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